Meowing Frog

I’m sure that every one of you have played leap frog before, but have any of you meowed while playing it?

I don’t know why you would have until now. In Western India, 12 new frog species were found. One of them is called the Meowing Frog because it makes a unique “catcall” at night. Check out pictures at

Other species discovered are very interesting. For example, with Jog Night Frogs, both parents watch over their eggs until they hatch. Unlike other frogs, the Feisty Frog stays with her eggs even if she feels threatened.

The 12 species are very rare and only can be found in small protected forests.  Along with discovering these frogs, the team of scientists also rediscovered 3 species of frogs. They thought that the 3 frogs had gone extinct.

I think it is very cool that scientists continually discover new species. I didn’t realize that sometimes species are rediscovered. I always wondered how people kept track of when a species went extinct, and apparently they didn’t do a very good job with these 3 species of frogs.

Have you recently heard of other species thought to be extinct but really are still living?